Spike Your Juice!
Written by YH STAFF   
Friday, 11 December 2009

Calling all Spikers! (Of juice that is!) No need to watch your drink while perusing the bar, when you can just spike your own at home. Introducing the next biggest trend of 2010, Spike Your Juice is a DIY product that turns juice into alcohol in 48 hours! Yes, you read that correctly. Created by three European businessmen, they wanted a product that captured the fruity and bubbly taste of their fav drink Federweisser, but one that was distinctly American. Viola! It’s as easy as Pick, Spike, Seal, Enjoy! Spikers just empty the contents into their juice of choice, wait 48 hours (or longer for extra strength!) and you have a delicious and affordable alcoholic beverage right in your own home. Get ready to entertain, as each package comes with six packets for up to six bottles of alcohol for only $10! So out with the old waiting in lines for a drink, and in with the new Spike Your Juice. CLICK HERE for Spike Recipes and how to order!


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