Turn Juice Into Booze!

Federweisser is a sparkling alcoholic drink most common in Germany and Eastern Europe. It tastes like slightly loopy lemonade and is usually made from freshly pressed grape juice and served by the tall, cool, refreshing glass. But good luck ordering it away from the Rhineland: though it’s easy enough to make, it hasn’t caught on in America. Yet.

Spike Your Juice is a DIY federweisser kit that turns a bottle of juice into a fizzy alcoholic drink. For $10, you get six packets of Spike Your Juice’s proprietary yeast blend, enough to make six 64-ounce bottles, plus a bottle stopper and an airlock gadget to keep your homemade glug free of any contaminants while it’s fermenting. Mix in the yeast packet, stop up the bottle, stick your juice in the fridge, and two days later you have booze! You can drink it then or keep letting it ferment; the alcohol content goes up to 14 percent with time.

You can use just about any juice with Spike Your Juice, but apparently the product’s group of European founders are currently hot to trot on Ocean Spray’s White Cranberry & Peach.

Spike Your Juice, $10


  1. Where do you get this in the U.S.? Most things can be shipped overseas, but is it anywhere here?

  2. This is what my Mom did, essentially, back in the 70s, though without the fermentation lock and custom blend of yeasts. “Zippy” orange juice she called it. Nice carbonation. She refused to understand (admit?) that it was alcoholic, though.

  3. Akitist – what was your mom’s process?

    This stuff sounds interesting. I’d try it.

  4. i took a chance and ordered. summer’s a-coming and maybe it’ll give us some more light fruity choices. can pay with paypal and basic shipping is not outrageous.

  5. relajo, I wish I remembered. She passed on in 1996 so I can’t check with her. Starter, OJ, room temp in a loosely-covered glass container is all I can remember. Hell, maybe it was apple juice! (They say the memory’s the first thing to go, and I forget what’s second.) I’d try droppin in a grape for its natural yeast.

    Fermentation is a natural process. A bit of work to keep it from happening, which contradicts some funtamentalist Christian teaching that the wine refered to in Scripture was in fact just grape juice.

  6. Interesting Akitist! I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try doing it myself. Thanks!

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