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11:31 AM PT, Nov 30 2009
The French make such a big deal about Champagne, you'd think it was rocket science. The L.A.-based Spike Your Juice company has come up with a simple, yeast-based powder that can be added to fruit juice, turning it into a sparkling wine within 48 hours. It might not be as strong as the moonshine you've got brewing in your garage (it's only 3.5% to 6% alcohol), but since it's made with pomegranate, cranberry or grape juice, it sure tastes a lot better. The kit also comes with a stopper, six customizable labels and an air lock, which you'll need for the fermenting process.

$9.99 for six packets;  www.spikeyourjuice.com

-- Krista Simmons

Photo credit: Su-Etan


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